HP Cone Crusher

The HP series cone crusher is mainly used for sand and gravel processing in grade two or grade three broken broken links. The machine has a unique advantage in high hardness and fine crushing, crushing and are widely used in the river gravel, granite, Xuan Wuyan and other hard material.

HP series cone crusher is the Shanghai MCC in the years of the crusher on the basis of research and development experience, combined with advanced technology, through the development and application of several generations of products, the introduction of a new generation of highly efficient hydraulic cone crusher. In traditional multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher shaft fixed eccentric around the spindle structure and laminated crushing principle on the basis of a breakthrough device structure optimization, significantly enhance the performance and capacity of crushing equipment. Hydraulic lubrication system professionally designed to ensure reliable operation of equipment at the same time, the operation control is more intelligent and humane.


  • 1. Upgrade the structure of higher efficiency

    Spindle fixed equipment, structural basis eccentric rotation around the spindle, and further optimize the transmission components and lubricating seal design. Equipment carrying capacity, installed power of the same model the industry's largest, small size, high efficiency, low noise.

  • 2. The processing capacity

    Broken stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity the perfect combination of design, increased by 35% -60% higher than the yield of traditional cone crusher.

  • 3. laminated crushing the pellets good shape

    Laminated crushing principle use the material for crushing cavity through the device and optimized to improve the efficiency of laminated crushing, high crushing efficiency, low wear wearing parts, finished cubic grain type, high content of fine particles. Enhance product quality, reduce production costs of equipment and the entire system.

  • 4. Full hydraulic control accurate and reliable

    Equipment from clear cavity, overload protection to adjust and lock all hydraulic operations. Stable, reliable, easy to operate. Comprehensive structural optimization and upgrading of the hydraulic system, adjust the control is more accurate, more responsive automatic protection.

  • 5. crushing ratio

    HPS series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in the material hardness greater product size requirement is small, the ratio has broken a significant advantage. (Crushing ratio graph)

  • 6. A multi-chamber type conversion of a machine

    Configured in multiple pieces and crushing cavity, just replace the corresponding cavity lining other small parts, you can convert between the cavity. Combined with laminated crushing principle, and better meet the needs of the broken and crushing process, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

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